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HMIS/HUD Data Standards
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The HMIS Data Standards are set by HUD and determine what data we collect from clients and store in HMIS. HUD determines the questions and response options for each data element, so as a CoC we are not able to change any HUD-required question or response option in HMIS.


HMIS/HUD Standards

HUD publishes an HMIS Data Standards Manual every time they make updates to the HUD Data Standards. This manual contains valuable information on each HMIS Data Element including:


  • Rationale - provides a basic rationale for data collection for the element.
  • Collection Point(s) - defines when data collection is required for each element.
  • Subjects - identifies the persons for whom data collection is required.
  • Data Collection Instructions - provides overall instructions for data collection and entry.
  • Data Element Fields - identifies the specific fields and response required.
  • Response Category Descriptions - provide the general definitions and descriptions of fields and responses.
  • Special Considerations - identifies special points of clarification an element may require.
  • Changes – identifies any change in the element from the most previous update to the Data Standards


All of the above information is provided for each Universal and Program Specific data element. Check out the HMIS Data Standards Manual, for more information. 

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